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Why Hiring A Property Sourcing Agent Makes A Whole World Of Sense

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

If you are aiming to grow your business, then a property sourcing agent in the UK can help make a world of difference. You value your time, energy, and a property sourcing agent can help take away the pains of business growth and use their time instead of yours to focus on the overall business goals.

Perks of Having a Property Sourcing Agent

There are countless benefits to how you and your business can benefit from bringing on a property sourcing agent in the UK. While we don’t want to take up all of your time with reading, we will be highlighting some of the best parts.

90% of all problems that people have when trying to acquire new properties falls in line with either a lack of funds or a lack of ability to find properties. That is a massive percentage to think imagine how much of that can be taken away if you bring a property sourcing agent on board to help find those properties.

Save Yourself Time

When building up your portfolio of properties, time truly is money. Bringing in a property sourcing agent can help you make the most use of your valuable time. Afterall, time is money so you want to save as much time as possible.

If you are just starting out, research is going to take a load of time to fully grasp, plus all of the required tasks associated with each property if you are interested in it. A property sourcing agent helps save time by taking tasks off of your hands and allowing you to learn from what they do.

If you take too much time learning and executing, you will miss opportunities. Missing select opportunities will then lead you to the potential to have much slower growth of your business. Slow business growth is the last thing anyone wants when trying to get their property investment portfolio bulked up and running.

Take a Hands-Off Approach

Working with a property sourcing agent can be a quick and simple process. The purpose of the agent is to make your life easier through the sourcing AND sales processes. Beyond this, it also means that you will have a dedicated agent to check listings for you.

No more countless hours spent searching through listing after listing trying to find what you need. That gem of a listing will be brought straight to you. This is a huge stress load that is then able to be taken off of your shoulders and brought forward to you instead.

Without a property sourcing agent, you would have to take on the full role entailing:

  • You need to find the listings

  • You need to schedule the first viewing

  • You need to attend the first viewing

  • If you approve of the site, you need to put in your offer

  • You need to attend the second viewing if your offer is accepted

  • And then comes all the paperwork…

All of these items take loads of time...time I am sure you would much rather direct elsewhere. And time is a precious commodity that we never really seem to have enough of.

Hiring a property sourcing agent allows all of these tasks to become streamlined and that much simpler for you to handle. Bringing in an agent simply makes the most sense. Afterall, why wouldn’t you want your business... whether new, growing or established… to have the most effective flow in its operations.

Increase Your Flexibility

Wouldn’t we all love to be able to be just a bit more flexible? Whether this is with time, money, schedules, or resources...the ability to be flexible is highly desired by many people.

Hiring a property sourcing agent allows you to make the call on what you would like them to do and how to assist you best in your journey. If you want to still be able to search for your own listings that may spark your interest you are still fully capable of being able to do this.

This means you potentially have that many more property listings being seen by you and your hired team. This means more deals to consider and in turn better chances at finding properties that best suit you and your needs.

More properties to consider means that more fits and potentially better fits will be available and this all is able to lead to meeting your long term property investment goals. You completely call the shots, so you get to control what you do and what your hired team does. This flexibility has a higher value than most may consider.


So, while there are countless benefits to why you should bring in a property sourcing manager...especially in Liverpool… saving your time and simplifying your process are some of the greatest benefits to bringing in outside help.

Here at Winova Properties, we understand all the nuisances of property sourcing in the Liverpool area. We can help you fully navigate your way through your property investment journey.

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