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Investing with us

Whether you're an experienced investor or looking to invest in your first investment property, Winova Properties are here to help your money grow


12 – 18 month term


Competitive Interest Rates



Investment £10,000


Why Invest?

Our investment opportunities are designed to offer you far better returns than you might currently be getting through conventional saving methods. When you add inflation into the mix, it is very common for the value of your hard-earned savings to be falling because the rate of interest you are receiving is not greater than the current inflation.

We are dedicated to helping your savings work harder for you. We do all the hard work every day in finding and securing the investments, so you don’t have to!


Hands-off investments like these means your money is growing while you sleep… pretty cool right?

How it works

Individuals like you are becoming more interested in improving their financial health and are asking questions like “Where can I put my money instead of the bank?” or “Should I save or invest my money?”.

Through combining our knowledge of procuring below-market-value properties in high demand areas which allows us to offer you those mouth-watering returns, we believe we have the answers to your questions.

You can invest with us in four easy steps:

Loan agreement

You tell us how much you want to invest and how long you want to invest for.


We agree the interest rate we will pay you for lending us your money.


We use your money to purchase and/ or refurbish the property.


You kick back and relax while we are hard at work.

Refinance or Sale of the Asset

We will either sell the property or refinance to the post-works value to pull your money back out of the deal.


You are still kicking back and relaxing.

Get your money back and some...

All your money plus the agreed interest gets sent straight back to your bank account.


You book a dreamy beach destination holiday with your earnings.

We are open to working together in many ways, from you letting us do all the work for you to joint venture opportunities.

Get in touch and we can discuss how we can work together.

Our deals get snapped up quickly

Get in touch to avoid disappointment


A loan agreement will underpin your investment to ensure that both parties are legally protected. 

We also have a minimum of three exit strategies in place on every property we buy to help provide further security and reassurance.

There are other guarantees we can potentially offer on a bespoke basis depending on the loan amount – get in contact to learn more today.

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