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Country Living: The Pros and Cons

Some people absolutely love living in a city, have done all their lives and couldn’t ever imagine living further afield. Other have grown up in the countryside, love the peace and quiet and couldn’t think of anything worse than living in or near a big city.

Rural and urban living have always held varying levels of appeal for different types of people. Homes separated by only a few miles can provide sharp contrasts in terms of the kind of lifestyle they offer; depending on whether they're located in the countryside or in a busier urban area.

There is some much to consider if you are choosing to live or rent in a new city or the countryside for the first time; transport links, schools, access to certain amenities – the list goes on.

The two contrasting lifestyles offer different levels of appeal to different types of people. There are both benefits and downsides, personally and financially, in both locations that can impact your quality of life and overall well-being.

Here are some interesting pros and cons to consider when deliberating which area of the country to live in that might help make your decision that little bit easier to make…

Rural/Countryside Living

The Pros

· Lower rents, house prices and cost of living

The further you are from the city, typically, the cheaper housing becomes. You will often pay a price to be near a popular city, transport links, school, theatres, facilities etc. Areas further away from these hubs will naturally be cheaper to rent or buy in.

Moving further away from large cities will mean you see a decrease in other bills like council tax, service charge, ground rents. The cost of living will also be significantly less, thus making rural living a more affordable choice for most. Did you know that even the big supermarket chains charge different prices depending on the location of their store and affluence of the area?

According to Move Home Faster, “properties in rural locations can often be purchased for a lower cost than a similar-sized urban property, in particular those in our largest cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham where city living comes at a premium and means you get much less space for your money too.

Demand for limited living spaces in towns and city centres ensures that prices for relatively small properties remains high. So whilst bigger cities will generally command a premium, making moving to the outskirts a cheaper option, this isn't always true for truly rural properties in desireable villages.

Likewise there are some big towns and cities across the UK that are somewhat rundown. As a result they may have far cheaper housing on the market than can be found in more desirable, adjacent countryside locations.”

· A larger, greener space to increase your quality of life

One of the undeniable benefits of living in the countryside is the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Spending time in nature boosts the immune system, increases vitality, calms the nerves, improves the mood and gives you peace of mind. Homes in rural areas typically have more square footage and acreage. The streets are emptier, and stores are less crowded. Just simply having more room to breathe and live is a great benefit of living in the country.

Many prefer a quieter life than the hustle and bustle of a city which can be really be overwhelming, annoying and stressful.

Living in the countryside and the slow pace of life can reduce stress, boost well-being, foster positivity and improve your overall quality of life.

· Increased safety

Safety should also be considered when considering moving. Safety is another significant benefit of living in the rural areas where crimes are much lower than in the big cities.

Crime rate such as theft, homicide and robbery are less likely to happen in the country. Village communities tend to look out for each other, everybody knows everybody and it is easier to spot an outsider or something amiss.

Fewer people equals less risk and just the gentle and quiet atmosphere of the countryside will put you at your ease. You will not be so apprehensive about the kids playing out or nipping to the shops, being in the countryside instills a sense of wellbeing with the world. Not only that but there is less traffic so it is safer for your kids to take the bikes out or cross the road on their own.

· Fresh Air

In a city, vehicles, factories, and other elements pollute the air, which can lead to asthma or other respiratory diseases. In contrast, the air in the countryside is much cleaner than that in a city, due to the absence of certain pollutants.

The Cons

· Fewer employment opportunities

For career-minded people, city life can often be an absolute essential. Leading businesses are usually headquartered in big cities, and in many sectors, the very best roles are only available to those with easy access to major urban centres.

As such, moving to a city is likely to provide you with a much wider array of career options and commuting by public transport won't be an issue. For those that live rurally, commuting by public transport to get into the city centre to work can either be impossible (making a car a necessity) or highly time consuming and expensive.

· Fewer Transport Links

The further away you are from a city, there will often be less transport options available. The demand and need for them will have reduced and this is therefore reflected in the accessibility.

· Limited Facilities

The country has only limited selection of amenities and facilities, unlike in the city.

If you have school-aged children, they may have longer rides on the bus, even more than hour each way and if you’d like to constantly visit restaurants, go shopping, spend hours in a café, you may find that living in the rural will be frustrating.

Key takeaways

There are benefits to country living that you won’t find anywhere else, and the diversity of country land means that if you want something specific in addition to your rural environment—say, nearby water or mountain views—you can get that too. There are always going to be some trade-offs, but if you can’t get enough of green meadows and big blue skies, the benefits of country living may just outweigh the negatives.

If you’re thinking about moving out to the country, consider the pros and cons and make an informed decision based on the way that you like to live your life. Even the most adamant city dwellers may find that they feel a certain sense of joy and freedom when they trade the crowded streets for the plush green fields.

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