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5 Top Places To Visit When You’re In Liverpool

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Liverpool is one of the UK’s most popular cities, attracting tourist from not only the UK but all over the world year after year.

When you think of Liverpool, it’s undeniable that you’ll automatically think of The Beatles or football and the famous Anfield Stadium. However, this wonderful city has so much more to offer. The culture is quirky, live music is second to none and offers a whole host of impressive art galleries and museums, which is why it is considered to be a “capital of culture” in both England and Europe. The architecture, food, nightlife and people combined, are what makes Liverpool so special.

If you’re planning to take a weekend break to the city, whether you’re visiting for the city’s music scene, the docks, nightlife, history or just you’re a big fan of Liverpool FC, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 Liverpool attraction sites that will leave a lasting impact on your visit.

Don’t get it twisted – there are definitely more than 5 sites to see in Liverpool. These are simply our top picks that we recommend checking out while you are in the area…

1. Anfield Stadium

Anfield is one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world and is situated in Anfield and is home to Liverpool Football Club’s (FC). It has a seating capacity of 53,394, making it the seventh largest football stadium in England. It has been the home of Liverpool F.C. since their formation in 1892. It was originally the home of Everton from 1884 to 1891, before they moved to Goodison Park after a dispute with the club president

Whether you’re a football fan or not, a trip to the stadium is a great idea. Going to see a match and getting caught up in the excitement is certainly an experience that you will never forget. Large main stands, an interactive museum, The Liverpool FC Story, and a stadium tour must not be taken for granted. Stadium tours offer an exclusive look inside the football grounds as well as a guide to help you learn all about team trophies and the history of the club.

In the late 2000s, Liverpool contemplated moving away from Anfield to a larger and more modern stadium, and even obtained planning permission for a new 60,000-seater stadium at nearby Stanley Park. However, insufficient funding delayed the plans, which were finally discarded in 2012 by the new owners of the club.

Instead, the ownership opted to redevelop and expand Anfield. The first phase involved the reconstruction of the Main Stand, which increased capacity with 8,500 seats to a total of 54,047. Works started in January 2015 and were completed right before the start of the 2016-17 season.

2. The Beatles Story

Your tour in Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without following in the footsteps of the Fab Four, right?

The Beatles Story is found in the famous site of UNESCO World Heritage. Because the museum is so vast, it’s separated into two locations - the main one is on the Albert Dock and the second part is only a short walk away on the Pier Head.

This museum is one of the most popular museums in the city. You will find replicas of the venues they played their concerts and lots of authentic memorabilia. The exhibit also displays valuable objects of every band member, some rare photographs, John Lennon’s round glasses, George Harrison’s first guitar and other artefacts.

Replicas of the Casbah, Mathew Street, Abbey Road Studios and The Cavern authentically capture the early '60s, allowing you to personally experience the very places that helped make The Beatles the greatest band in the world.

3. Liverpool Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral Church of Christ, Liverpool Cathedral boasts the largest religious building in Britain and known to be the 5th largest cathedral in the world.

The inside of the building is magnificent, and the Gothic Liverpool Cathedral also features remarkable views from the outside, has sweeping arches and the only 360˚ view of the city from the cathedral’s rooftop. One of the highlights of the Cathedral is the magnificent 9,704-pipe Willis organ, the largest organ in the UK.

There is no entrance fee, but it’s worth paying for the Tower Experience tour – the tour includes a trip to the bell chamber and a film about how the cathedral was built. The Cathedral is a world-class visitor attraction with a full programme of events from Cream Classics music sets to large gala dinners and conferences.

4. Royal Albert Dock

In the heart of the city’s amazing waterfront area, Royal Albert Dock is a complex of dock buildings and warehouses in Liverpool. It was the world’s first warehouse structure in Britain to be built from cast iron, brick and stone, with no structural wood. The five-story building was once used to store brandy, cotton, tea, silk, tobacco, ivory and sugar.

Liverpool’s docks dominated global trade in the 19th century, with the Albert Dock at their heart. To this day the Mersey continues to play a central role in the city’s cultural life, with the Dock an integral part of the World Heritage waterfront.

Today, you’ll find some of the best museums located in the Albert Dock -- Tate Liverpool and Merseyside Maritime Museum. There are cafes in the area, ice-cream and lunch so you can grab and enjoy a walk around with a few friends.

In 2004, The Dock became one of the centrepieces – with the Pier Head’s Three Graces – of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage status. Awarded the accolade as a mercantile maritime city, it remains an example of one of the world’s major trading centres in the 18th and 19th centuries. Albert Dock was central to Liverpool’s role in the growth of the British Empire, migration to America, and a pioneer of dock technology, transport and port management.

5. World Museum

From the sea to the stars, a visit to World Museum reveals millions of years of the Earth’s history through thousands of exhibits and hands-on activities.

The World Museum is one of the largest museums in Liverpool which has extensive collections specialising in sciences and human cultures, with a planetarium, aquarium and various space exhibitions on rotation and scientific developments that will give us a thrilling vision of the future.

It has thousands of exhibits sourced from across the planet too, including Egyptian artifacts, meteorites from Mars and an Allosaurus skeleton.

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